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  • 安川5系编码器插头
  • 安川5系
  • SDR10p公头
  • SDR 10P母座
  • FCN 40P直插母座
  • FCN 40p焊接式
  • 1394 6P母头
  • 1394 6P公头
  • V26母座弯插单双层
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Xinheng Electronics Dongguan City Xin Hang Electronic Technology Co.,Is a professional industrial control,Communication,Electromechanical,Medical,aerospace, Military in the high-grade connectors and cable R & D and manufacturing manufacturers,Services in small and medium enterprises, To undertake special custom,No minimum order quantity.The company's main products for the SCSI, VHDCI series connector,Cable,converter, Terminator LFH, V26V28, v35, Delander series connectors,Cable,Camera Link、1394 series of industrial camera with connectors,Cable,PLC servo motor,Data acquisition card with connectors,Cable,GBIB (IEEE488) series of connectors,converter,Cable and so on.The company has complete, Scientific quality management system,Have a professional engineering and technical personnel .....
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